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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Retro Sunday! Updated!

I have enough people hanging around now that gave me grief about the quality of the photos on this post. Point taken! New images! Yes, the phone is a Frankenphone. Best I could do, but it works admirably in the garage! 

Used to be that you could not swing a dead cat in the US without hitting one of these:

An article from CNN details the demise of this portion of the POTS. And to be true, if you want to run one of these you need a couple of things. First the owners manual:

Then the magic occurs here:
 This little thing did stuff like off-hook detect, ring the bell, give you a dial tone, coin detect and other miscellaneous stuff.

Phone booth optional!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Off topic, but a very happy Eater to you, wherever your travels take you.

  2. Oh God... another phone guy :-) You and Crucis need to get together ;-) I played in that world a bit too...

  3. @Oold,
    Don't worry! I gave the phones up about 20 some years ago! I hated working on them, it was a bitch when the change fell out =). Telephony is cool, but linelands are dying.