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Friday, April 23, 2010


From a fellow blogger comes an interesting experiment on plate tectonics


  1. I flew a jet into one of the Arab countries some years back. Contractor airplane that I was paid to deliver. I was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt from the NBAA convention that said "I'm an Exhibitionist" My Second in Command was sure I'd get stoned there on the spot. I collected my check for delivering her and got on first class on British Airways out of there as FAST as I could.

  2. @B.


    I was on a domestic cattle flight here and heard comments behind me about the magazine I was reading. The fact that they were working at the same company as I and going to the same function made it worse. They were commenting on the cover and it was not good. It was Esquire; I always pick up some brain dead magazine at the airport during flying around in cattle class and they were appalled! Glad you got out of there in one piece!