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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From the bench

Since select family and friends are now aware of my reawakened interest in firearms, they occasionally ask if I would "take a look at something and clean it up". As I am a usually guarded person, it takes some time to reach this level with people. I guess that is why Blogging is totally different for me. Excuse my noobness at this.

But I digress. A person I care deeply about gave me this:

This is a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum revolver. According to my little NRA book: "..bears a strong resemblance to the original Colt Single Action Army and Frontier Model of 1873". I would agree and the firearm shows much holster wear, much handling wear, but very little firing wear. He told me that it had not been fired in over 30 years.

The best thing (or worst) is that it came packaged in this:

 For thirty + years. With rounds in the loops! It took some time to figure out how to clean the loops!

The knife is a German Puma and is still incredibly sharp!

The holster is a Bianchi and looks complete. The Puma knife was added to the rig later. The holster has gone through two washings with Lexol cleaner and one of Lexol preservative. It is sucking the stuff up!

Anyone have any ideas on cleaning the rounds up from the loops? Pretty ugly stuff!

The best thing about this labor of love is that I get to "test fire" this weekend!



  1. I wouldn't even try to clean them, just trash them and buy more. There is no telling how much corrosion has occured, and I would NOT want to fire them. Take them to the range and put them in the dud bucket :-)

  2. @Old,

    I concur with your assessment. I will do so next weekend. The pistol is very, very, nice however! I thought about cleaning them just to put back for show for my friend, but they are pretty gunked up. The pistol deserves better for firing! I was not able to secure ammo before my range trip last weekend, so perhaps this week I will get to shoot it. Believe it or not, my little sporting goods/pawn shop got knocked off last week, cleaning them out of everything. Its getting bad out there!