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Friday, April 23, 2010

From the bench

This has gotten interesting. Its sorta the "gun of the week club" or something. Clean one, take it back to its owner and get another one. Thanks again to everyone on the Femaru and holster information! 

This weeks hardware is a Colt Police Positive Special .32-20 WCF caliber. The owner states it has never been fired while he has owned it
(over 40 years). The questions for my much more knowledgeable blog friends are simple.

Reblue or leave alone?
Ammo available anywhere?
If not, anywhere to get components to stuff into a Hornady press and make your own?
If so, recommended loads?

The goal is to shoot it! 

Thanks again for helping a newbie out and have a great weekend!  

Oh, click the pics to embiggen! 


  1. Keads, my .02 is not to reblue it, get it checked by a gunsmith for safety, lock up, etc. Ammo is available online through ammoman, com, and others. and shoot it! :-) Of course I don't believe in safe queens, and I shoot my model 17 often :-)

  2. @OldNFO,

    Thanks for the advise! I have some safe queens as you gathered from other posts, but I really want to shoot this one and a 1903 .38 Colt auto.