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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lest we forget:

Today is April 16, 2010. Sixty-five years ago today, our ship, USS LAFFEY DD-724, survived the fierce attack of 22 Japanese kamikazes.
Thirty two heroes died that day and seventy two were wounded.
Please take a moment to remember our heroes.
Also remember the brave sailors that survived that battle and lived on to save our ship from the deep six. These men, and their wives, worked hard to have our ship placed at Patriots Point as a museum ship to be seen by future generations.
It is our duty today to remember their sacrifices and tell everyone about their stories.
Our ship will be returned to Patriots Point in about another year or so and we will be able to continue our work preserving her for still more generations to come.
Thanks to all of our WWII veterans.
Sonny Walker

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