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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh Crap!

So while tending to the 1966 Mustang we note this:

This is bad. Although the car was carefully prepped and painted with epoxy primer and a finish coat back in *cough* 1989, as with icebergs usually the visible rust is only a small portion of whats really there. On top of that, the cowl area is the weakest link in the body for these rides. This area has already been sleeved for fresh air intake repair back in 1988 to prevent water leaks into the interior. A total cowl replacement is tedious, expensive, and requires more skills than I have. 

Sigh. More information about this less than stellar design is here.  

I will deal with almost anything else on one of these. This is bad and will not get better. As with so many things back then this was "good enough" for then, but not now. 

At least it is garaged, I have some time. 


  1. Mine used to get rusty there, too.

  2. Oh... damn... THAT is not good! And that's one for a real body shop...