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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AR Handguards

So since I can't keep well enough alone on the beater M4 I have decided to replace the hand guards with some Magpul happiness. So I can hang a light on the front of it of course. 

So how do ya get the craptacular original ones off? Seems like depressing the Delta ring should do it but the upper was fully assembled on this kit. 

Any suggestions? 



  1. Yep, you need to push the ring all the way back, and new ones can take a lot of pressure to do it, occasionally a third arm, or the AR Hand Guard Removal Tool
    designed for the job can be a help.

  2. You use two hand to push the delta ring all the way back, then use your third hand to pop the handguards off. I usually push the delta ring partially down, then get a flat-head screwdriver wedged in there, then push it down more until the screwdriver gets under the rear of the handguard. That seems to work for me.

  3. Remember, if you buy an AR a new handguard it will ask for a new trigger group, if you buy it a new trigger group it will.......

  4. Third hand is right... And a screwdriver... sigh (and a blood blister when the damn ring pops back and catches your finger)

  5. You can also slide the delta ring on one side down to free one half at a time.

    Real PITA, especially if it's the older style ('A1) "flat" delata ring, not the newer ('A2) style beveled one.

    1. Thanks! I will putz with it when the new hand guards show up!