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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Holster Wear

Carry Handguns get beat up. They are by definition NOT safe queens. I have observed Handguns in Concealed Carry Handgun Classes that were stunning. I gently try to tell people that the really valuable Firearm they brought is just that. On the other hand, they do get beat up. Even if you do not fire it, the simple act of carrying will beat one up. 

I prefer a pretty much disposable one for that duty. 

It will go bang when I need it to and that is all that matters for such things. 


  1. Well said, and even Kydex will scratch the finish off holsters... For that matter, so will leather over time. Of course I don't have safe queens so I don't worry about it. But it does make one wonder sometimes at what people will buy to carry...

  2. Excellent point. When selecting my 1911, I got the least expensive one that had a reputation for reliability. And much of the finish is gone from the edges & corners, now.

  3. Just one of the reasons I prefer stainless steel for carry ;) (in case it isn't obvious, they don't' 'show' the wear- as much) I meant to say 'if' I carried any guns that I may or may not have.........................

  4. Sometimes I have students who are hesitant to drop their shiny, almost new magazines on the ground during reloading exercises... so occasionally I'll have students just take out their magazines and give them a good toss onto the ground at the range just to get that worry over with... and teach when they pick them up to check for anything lodged or caught in the mags...

    Like any good tool that gets used a lot... take care of it... but it will eventually show wear...

    Dann in Ohio