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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The CMP AMC- Addendum

So the rifle and other ancillary items arrived. 

First, thanks for the positive reviews of my humble attempts to document the class and yes, I had a new camera with me! There was a growing "Camera Gap" I had to fix. 

Here is day one, day two, and day three

First came the class picture via E-mail. 

I'm the socially inept dude on the front row in the white shirt BTW =).

Here is the paper work including a certificate to add to the "I love me wall" on heavy stock and in color. 

The certificate is filled out BTW. I just tried out my humble Photoshop skills to clone blank paper instead of the blur tool.

Oh, now with 100% more stabby! After the class I had to get a bayonet for Emily. Why? Because I can! Here is a repro of the M1 10" one. 


Oh, Weaponsman. Thanks for the link and great review! I concur with your statement over there (whom we don’t know, but think we might like). Thanks to Tam as well for a Tamalanch run over here. 

You might be saying this is cool and all and you want a M1 Garand but don't want to hang with my new friends in Anniston Al for three days. That's a shame as the natives are friendly and the food is great! Suppose you decide to just get one from the sales department. Ok. You can do that online right here.

After some modicum of paperwork on your part, one of these will be at your door (in a cardboard sleeve)!



A perfectly serviceable hard case for your rifle and all this stuff.

A Certificate of Authenticity, empty chamber indicator, a clip, and other stuff. Of interest however to me is one of the best owners manuals I have seen in a long time. If you are new to the Garand, that little manual will get you up to speed in no time!

I have come a long way from somewhere in WV when a friend I just met in real life on a range picked up an empty clip left by someone and commented that I needed it for my Garand. I told him I did not have one. I hope I have atoned for that my friend! There is a CMP service and a special grade Garand here now. 




  1. Well done, sir. You have more than atoned. You have joined the ranks of the Garand Jedi. Welcome.

    1. Thanks ML! Can't wait to shoot it with ya!

    2. Looks like a button down collar shirt to me. :) Every had a M1 thumb? :)

    3. Brock, the paper is not shooting back at me. I will hold the bolt back with a hand while the other loads the clip! Good eye Sir!

  2. What ML said. Bravo Zulu, sir!

  3. Nice AAR, and I was going to rag on you about the cert, till I saw you'd whited it out... LOL Now you need to get up here and we can have an M-1 day at the range!!! :-)

    1. I so look forward to that NFO! I might have a M-4 this time too if I can put it together properly =)