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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Night!

And I know how to have fun! This arrived today:

Well, I hope this works out since my home State is stamped on the lower receiver! 

A M-4 kit. 

As far as I can tell everything is here. This is my first .223 period. I know nothing about this platform. I had to get some help. 

Of course if the Interwebz steers me wrong I have plenty of friends to help me out. Right friends? *cough, cough*





  1. Call any time. We'll get it assembled.

  2. Yep, go slow, use some tape to cover the metal near the pin holes and feel free to call if you get stuck.

  3. Heh... you 'know' my recommendation... :-)

  4. Thanks guys! So far the mag release, trigger guard are in. Next the bolt catch.