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Friday, June 20, 2014

Books. My Friend Speaks of Them Well.

As do I. I commented on my friends Blog that books, real dead tree books, have always been here and over the years I will pull one out that I have had for decades. Not only to feel the connection to my past but to feel the exuberance of authors that spoke fiction and what they envisioned for the future. It seems they were a bit optimistic. 

One of my favorite books is "2001 A Space Odyssey." Penned in 1968 concurrently with the movie according to some. The book and movie differ in some really important plot points but the visuals of the movie are stunning. In fact, an Apollo crew remarked after the movie that: "it was just like the movie." High praise indeed. 

First here. 

PanAm HQ in New York NY circa 1963. I have a postcard from an Aunt that worked there oh, some years ago. 

Here is how PanAm thought it would work in 2001:

They got that wrong as PanAm no longer exists.  They did get something right though.  Back in the day traveling was a big deal. You dressed up for it. However I seem to remember looks like this back when I was served Breakfast on an Aircraft with China plates and Silverware. 


Indeed. The banality of realism. 

The preceding two pictures came from guess what? An out of print book that I find fascinating and visit from time to time.


So for my friend Brigid. Thanks for making me go grab a book!


  1. Thank you for reminding me to go read that classic again. The pictures are awesome!

  2. Holding a real book is still a pleasure... no question!

  3. As an aside I met the author Arthur C. Clark in 1971, he visited the college I was attending. Interesting fellow who firmly believed no other intelligent life existed in the universe.

  4. I read a lot. And I do prefer paper--guess I'm a Luddite when it comes down to brass tacks. And there's only three books I've ever gotten rid of because the were so awful--everything else has followed me around the country. Six years ago, it was 50 B&N boxes and I haven't stopped buying.