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Friday, June 27, 2014

A Perfect Metaphor.

So for the first time ever I go to assembling one of these. 

After all the dire warnings about not scratching the finish I paid little heed. Guess what. The lower on this low cost beater (don't tell it yet) survived my beating on it and seems to be functioning. Without a scratch.

On the other hand I can pick up a brand new Colt Defender and just by the act of handling it pick up a couple of scratches. No big deal as there are no safe queens here (they are elsewhere =).

Thanks to all the friends that called or gave words tonight on how to assemble an AR platform. I'm in no hurry. Great words. I have no rear sight, nor magazines for it. Yet! I DO have a complete lower and I am amazed at how similar that trigger group works to another rifle I know =)


  1. Fun project! Take your time and enjoy! Like the Colt too.....

  2. I figure after putting together you very own M-1 Garand, this is a piece of cake.

  3. Very nice, congrats. I knew that if I could do it, you certainly could do it without a sweat.

    1. Thanks Aaron! I'm not the quickest, but usually get it done =)