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Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I jump in the car and head north to a black powder shoot. Arriving in a portion of VA that is WAY too close to really being "up north". 

So I show up at our gracious hostess's house at the prescribed time. After meeting everyone and finding the coffee (yes it should come out of a spigot and +1 on the big honking thing that dispensed the elixir of the gods!). We get to it. If someone is in period correct clothing and wants to give a history lesson, well lets say I am pleased!   

We get to it. Rifles, pistols, blunderbuss all the things that are firearm assault weapons version 1.0!


Here is Nancy on the Blunderbuss! Firearms were stacked like firewood!

Sadly, no pic of me shooting one. I had everything setup and had a failure to feed. No matter! 

I also won a really cool cap. From no other than Andy! The condition was that if you won it you had to take a picture of yourself with it. Sigh... Nancy makes a much better model than I, but to comply:

Sorry Murph, I did have to wear it to get it! It's on the way to ya! After your loss it was the least I could do! So what the hell happened to the Pistol Training hat I gave ya? 

I had a great time! Can't wait to do it again.


  1. So glad you could make it! And the 36-cup coffee pot now has a new name. Thank you.

  2. Nice report, but shouldn't the title read: Piratehawk! AARG! (You have to do after-action reports like a pirate after all).

  3. That is one of my favorite activities, get together with friends and sling some lead. Wish I could join you-all some time.

  4. Dang work... sigh... Glad you had fun!