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Friday, October 11, 2013

Almost 50 Years of Evolution

I own several Mustangs. Most are considered first generation. That is 1964-1973. I have driven others as well. My 1994 serves as a daily driver and approaches 20 years of service.

I must say this. The 2013 is the most sure footed, the fastest, the quickest stopping, and most comfortable to date. A seven hour trip today. I trust this one as much as I trust all the rest to do the job, but comfortable is nice!

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  1. Modern suspension and brake systems for the win!
    Although, nothing turns more heads than a well cared for Gen 1 driving down the road.
    Can't say I've seen one down here in quite some time.

  2. I love all Mustangs... except for Mustang II's... which aren't really Mustangs...

    Dann in Ohio