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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Its that Time of Year!

Time to rotate the defensive loads in the carry handguns. I used to think that I did this more than most.  I clear carry handguns of defensive loads and load round ball to shoot at the range.  I also clear them before classes and reload before students and I go to the range.  I may be right, but if you run to the range with your defensive tool at least once a month, you may be in the same boat as me. 

There are problems with this.  A semi automatic loads a cartridge rather violently.  The slide coming back from recoil strips a round from the magazine and shoves it into the feed ramp of the barrel.  This action may drive the bullet into the casing over time resulting in two malfunctions.  Failure to feed and bullet setback. 

Bullet setback may result in overpressure of the round upon firing.  I really don't think that it will result in exceeding SAMMI limits, but why would you risk firing a fragmentation grenade about 3 feet from your face? 

Failure to feed may result if you reset the round in a different place in the magazine over time. Click, no bang is not something I need to hear! 

So people groan but if you have carried it for a year, shoot it. I mean really. IF AOJ has been met and you present a firearm at another human being I hope that you will prevail. Why skimp on the ammo?

Oh, FTC, I bought the ammo! 


  1. I have never understood why people hoard the carry ammo. You are carrying a $700 gun in an $80 holster on a $40 belt with a CHL that costs $100+ every few years, and you are going to get all stingy on $20 worth of ammo?

  2. Hornady Critical Defense is a good choice!