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Friday, September 6, 2013

Family Reunion AAR

Sorry for the absence this week. So, after eating some really good home cooking and watching children play where I used to do so we head to the family home. It is very pleasing to my mind to watch generations mingle. Very proud to be a part of this family. 

Restoration proceeds. 

The front porch is now serviceable. 

The living room.

View from the rear porch. Added bonus, a built in berm!

Central heat. Powered by the same green energy source as Chevy Volts and Teslas. Coal! Suck it hippies!

 Then a recreation of a shot from several years back.


Then a prize from under the house. A loose brick.

Looks like its dated "1908" to me.

I told my Uncle that when he is done I need to rent the house for an extended vacation! 


  1. Very nice. I really like the stove.

  2. K,
    I love that house.
    If you had pics of all four sides and a basic sketch of the floor plan posted, I'd steal all the images.
    I could totally see that sitting on the imaginary acreage I hope to one day own.

    1. Oh I do sir. A wonderful home to be sure.

  3. Looking good! Makes me nostalgic for my maternal grandparents' farm house. I think the most recent owners finally paid someone to run electricity to it, about 10 years back.

    1. Ah, this house had rudimentary power to it back in the day. The service has been totally upgraded now. I did not take pics of that but it will run the HVAC and everything else.

  4. That is great! Kudos to the family for NOT tearing it down and 'replacing' it!!!

    1. Oh, no. My Uncle would never do that! Good on him. Cost for the house was minimal. Doing this is not!