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Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Samsonite,

You have come a long way since 1971! Here is a commercial from then.

Now? Well as I was pulling my luggage out of the closet for a trip next week to see my friend for training in Iowa, this simply broke off. I had not even got it off the floor.


This handle used to be attached to this:

Not anymore! Sheesh! There is a "Lifetime warranty" but it requires me to ship to some obscure repair center. Sorta like Kel-Tek. Its not like this thing has been around the world. yes, 15 years old but still. 

Glad it happened here instead of in a airport! I would have been REALLY bent then! 



  1. I just gave a set of two to Goodwill. They were the same style/era, and same color the gorilla was playing with. crap! The smaller one would have been good for ammo storage and transport.

    1. I am trying to figure out if to keep it and hide stuff in plain sight.

  2. Repair center is in Bangladesh, and YOU pay the shipping both ways...

  3. Now don't go flying off the handle about it... lol

    Dann in Ohio

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