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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WV Blogshoot AAR

Sorry for the delay, its been interesting here in the Chinese way since my return. 

Saturday at 340 Defense was fantastic. Even with the last minite venue change the great weather a lack of stink bugs this year and first timers to the event insured a great time. 

Our coordinator for the days event Murphy's Law was awesome as always and his write up is here. My friend Proud Hillbilly was present as well and it is always good to see her too. Congrats to the new Grandma! Her writeup is here.   

A new addition to our group this year was NancyR over at Excels at Nothing and her write up is here

So before I post the videos I have a confession to make. taking movies with a iThingy should be done with the thing rotated 90 degrees from the normal call position. I should have gotten the thing that captures moving pictures that cannot make calls out of the car. The fluid dynamics of the day prevented that. 

Here is Proud Hillbilly on Nancy's hackbut:

Here is Nancy on the Uzi 9mm:

Here is Proud Hillbilly on the Barrett M82A1 .50 cal.

Here is Nancy on the same rifle:

I had a great time and can't wait for next year! Its amazing to see friends again I met first through this blogosphere and yet still make new ones IRL as well. 




  1. Nice job! I have to remember to take the darn towel off after I'm done shooting the black powder stuff, though ...

    1. No, a towel comes in handy with the new stuff too! I keep wet naps and towels in the range bag.

      Great to meet you!

  2. Looks, reads, and sounds like a fantastic day!

    1. Oh, it most certainly was Shepard! Can't wait to do it again! Good friends, meet new ones, shoot stuff? What could be better!

  3. I found this blog just a week after your day at the range. I was most disappointed, as we live just ~2 miles away, and I can normally hear the gunfire from there, though it is hard to distinguish it from the gunfire from the neighbors all around. Please meet at 340, next year!