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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Blogshoot

What a great time!  It was good to see old friends again and meet new ones for the first time. First an observation though. This was my third foray into West Virginia. I seem to note one other reoccurring theme besides the shooty goodness. Remember this post from last years trip? Well on Friday night some of us wander out for some food. We end up here:

The Tap House. We go to the patio and as we are finishing our meal the band starts to set up.  I am over in the area where the band is setting up in the "smoking pit". An attractive lady totally rocking the grey streak in her hair asks me if I like Bluegrass. Shes the lead singer. I tell her I do, but flat footing on concrete instead of a wooden floor with sawdust would be in bad form. 

That gets a *blink* *blink* from her. I don't think she was expecting that response. I spent several nights here back in my youth. 

Anywho, here is a snippet of the band in action.

Pretty good really! During the opening banter with the band she asks the question again if everyone likes Bluegrass. Murphy asks if I have a lighter and I give it to him. He lights it, sticks it up in the air and shouts "Freebird"! That man is incorrigible =). 

Ok, back to business. The next day I show up at 340 Defense. Nice facility and they were fantastic. As soon as I get to the pistol range a gent I met last year immediately calls out. "Kelly, you bring that M&P you had last year?" I tell him I did. He says a lady would like to compare mine with the Apex trigger to her new one. I hand the gent the pistol and a loaded mag. He disappears to go to the line. That is what amazes me about these things. I hand one of my guns to guy I met one time a year ago and think nothing of it. This is an amazing group of people! I meet the lady and tell her about the mod. She is happy. 

I meet The Shekel and that link will take you to his report of the event. A truly class act that, uh, has an Uzi!

OldNFO whips out the usual bag of toys. Anyone that tells you the big problem coming up for them is that they have to be in two different parts of the world at the same time qualifies as the most interesting man in the world to me. I actually shot a Colt revolver of his that did not fire as soon as I looked at it! His report is here. A nice guy!

Many thanks to our esteemed host Murphy. His report is here and thanks for his work in setting all of this up.

Me, well I did get to stretch some stuff out. 


Remember that lens on a scope from last week?  It belongs to the rifle on the right. A Winchester Model 670A with a Weaver scope in 30-06. It is sweetness and light!

Oh, afterward MSgt B said something about getting a beer. I get a phone call from him and he waves off saying once he and the mrs get back into air conditioning they are through. I tell him I'm on the North side of the hotel smoking and I have a 12 pack. He comes and the mrs joins us. That was a good time! Nice people!


  1. So glad you made it. But dude--the "Free Bird" bit...I thought that what happens in Charles Town stays in Charles Town.

    1. I'm sorry how could I not post that! Comedy gold right there my friend! Best use of a Zippo around here in years.

  2. I love AARs that are "and a good time was had by all" stories. Coolness and groovitude!

  3. Glad it was fun Kelly. Shooting with you guys is so on my bucket list.

  4. Yeah, yeah...and they didn't even do Free Bird. Stoopid Bluegrass band. ;-)

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  6. Oh, Man... sounds like a great time...

    Dann in Ohio