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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey, NRA!

You are getting on my nerves.  Caller ID is showing that you are on average calling my landline (thankfully) about four times a day. I bit about 10 minutes ago and answered the phone.  With all of the infrastructure at your disposal could you at least get the pronunciation of my last name right?  Or at least know that I attended my Friends of the NRA Dinner last month, I'm a Certified Instructor, Life Member, anything?

Scare tactics really don't work on me much.  In fact the hyperbole does more to make me less likely to be whipping out the credit card.   

Keep it up and will divert more money to the Second Amendment Foundation.  At least I can open the mail at my leisure and not worry about the phone ringing off the hook. 

Just Sayin'

Hugs and Kisses, 

Not Mr. Eds. You figure it out.The last Mr. Ed I observed was a horse. Of course.


  1. On the nose Kelly. I hate to say it but I've gotten rude with them. It's unending. I know the cause is righteous but the pleas for money have gotten out of hand. I do hope the NRA reads your post. Maybe they'll learn a little thing called subtlety.

  2. One thing I can say for them, if you ask them to remove you from their phone list, they actually do. If you don't want them calling you, just tell them you prefer all correspondence to be by mail and that that you want to be removed from their call list. It will save them some money and save you the aggravation.

    1. I did not know that! I will give it a try. Thanks Mrs. S.!

    2. This would be why only certain folks get my cell phone number. Everything else goes to my home phone. which I ignore.