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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sporting Wood

Or not. Remember the Sporterized Enfield #1Mk3 in caliber .303? One of my objectives for going to WV was to pick up some correct wood for it. Murphy's Law hooked me up!

Can anyone tell me what the markings are calibrated for on the rear sight?

Yards, meters, furlongs per fortnight? 

So first things first. I don't know if the wood is going to fit without modifications but I know to do this right off the bat. If you are going to have some Murphy wood around use this on it first. 


Besides, you don't know where it has been =). I was told that among the Bubbed Enfields this was not that bad. I am going to get it back into original trim. 

It shot so I know that at least! 

The wood has had its first bath and will probably need another tomorrow. I would much rather go this route and see what I get and maybe put some Lin-Speed on it when I am done than going more invasive.



  1. Here's a overall description, the Mk4 sights are described as set up for yards instead of meters in paragraph 4, your long gun sights look the same.

    Here's another info source, neat looking side mounts there.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks NFO, Where in the hell are you now, LOL =)

  3. Hubby's 1917, 30-06 Enfield's sights are in yards. If yours is of the same basic vintage, it probably predates the time when the Brits went metric (.303 British).