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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Phone Call and Other Stuff

So, I am talking to Murphy's Law last night. He asks me how much 9mm ammo I am bringing. I tell him pretty much this much.

350 rounds. He suggests I bring more for whatever notorious purposes await. Ok, compliance is not a problem.

Blue boxes are 9, but maybe some more just in case?


Whatever Murphy has up his sleeve I think I can handle it! 
Ok, the other stuff. I have a long hallway in stately manor. 

The lighting was less than serviceable. I threw a fixture up that uses GU 10 50W halogen bulbs. I like the arrangement, but the halogen bulbs actually made me feel like I was under a heat lamp at Arby's or something. In fact, the heat peeled the finish off of several of the fixtures resulting in metallic snow in the hall.

I stuck one of these LED GU 10 35W bulbs in last night. 


The LED bulb is on the right. Much longer than the halogen but works in the fixture. Supposedly able to dim it too.

So far so good! 

I get to put light on the I love me walls. 



  1. No such thing as "too much ammo", but you knew that. :) Nice job on the replacement lighting, too.

  2. Why . . . how could you even UUUUUSSSSSSEEEEEE that much ammo . . . . I mean really . . .


    Enjly the weekend sir . . . I'm off to the NRA T/C training in KC this weekend - seems like it's gonna be really busy!

  3. Probably you're going to get to shoot his UZI.

  4. And there 'may' be a contest or two... :-)

    1. Cool! I suck at those! Someone else will win =)

  5. You guys are gonna have so much fun!!

    Love the lights!m