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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NS Heritage Fleet

So in honor of the 30th anniversary of the merger of of the Southern Railroad with the *cough* other railroad, Norfolk Southern announced it will honor the occasion by painting 18 locomotives in original paint schemes of railroads that make up the present day company. Five of these will come from the Southern. 

How cool is this?

The locomotive is in SR "Green Tuxedo" paint! The others are the Savanna & Atlanta, original Norfolk Southern, Interstate, and Central of Georgia.

It looks great! Not a steam locomotive though.  

I am a fan of the SR and love to visit my home museum. Just in case you doubt my motivation here is a shot from the garage:

Uh, yeah, still working on the garage, but you get the idea! 

Photo credit for 8099 from the Southern Railway Historical Association, Inc. I'm a member. Who would have thunk it? 


  1. That locomotive does, indeed look dashing in those colors. Nice to see that. Seems like I almost only see caution sign gold locomotives in this part of Texas.

    1. Indeed! I always loved that paint scheme!