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Monday, April 30, 2012

No User Servicable Parts Inside!

Sigh... I have been invited to the Wells Fargo Golf thingy this weekend. I thought that rolling up in the '94 Mustang would decrease property values at the home I have been invited too. So I wander to the bunker up north to retrieve the ostentatious ride. I am greeted with this:

All the way home. OK, maybe it is but that is also where the odometer and trip stuff is. This overrides all of that. Get home and open the "Bonnet". Sigh. 

It is full. Sigh. According to specs, this holds 2.5 liters of fluid. There is much more here than you are led to believe. A far cry from one of these to be sure:

Used to be if you pulled the knob, pressed the foot switch and nothing came out, you sorta had a clue. Not so much any more! This is gonna hurt! I think I have to remove stuff to get to the connector to either leave it unplugged or jumper it! 

I love the Ford/Jag in so many ways but it vexes me. Hard. 

Oh, and golf? What a waste of a perfectly good rifle range! I would rather have someone hit a golf ball and then I try to shoot it! I slice more balls than a veterinarian on golf courses! I gave it up.  


  1. I quit playing golf when I figured out my friends just invited me for the laughs. At the end of the round, I didn't count strokes. I counted how many balls I had left.

  2. Ah Jag 90% of the engine is made of expensive near unbreakable unobtainium the remaining 10% is made from tissue paper and when it breaks is capable of breaking the expensive unbreakable unobtainium part.

    Also the British motor philosophy of never using one part when you can use twelve.

    1. Now that IS funny! I will use that one!

  3. Repairing cars and golf have about the same appeal to me - it's time better spent drinking beer.

  4. Don't know anything about cars, but I with you on the golf thing.

  5. I have done that. A friend on mine and I were shooting clays and we ran out of birds before we ran out of shells.

    He got a driver and a bucket of old golf balls. I'd say "Pull!" and he would swing.

    They were fairly easy to line up on. I put in the full choke tube to keep the shot tight and I hit a lot of them. They would change direction rather dramatically when the pellets struck.