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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Charlene is ready for the Debutante Ball!

Cleaned, oiled, greased, and application of some LinSpeed on the wood. 1907 sling. I hope to meet my curmudgeon next week and see how she dances. Click pics to well you know... 

Does anyone know if I threaded the sling correctly? Testing with dummy rounds shows this:

On the left the first cartridge loaded and not fired. On the right the second cartridge that was loaded and fired.
Anyone think I will have a slam fire problem?

Can't wait to shoot this piece of history! 


  1. Does anyone know if I threaded the sling correctly?

    Don't remember, mine wasn't that purdy', but looks good to go. Make sure and take a picture of your first and only M-1 thumb for us, OK?:)

  2. That is so exciting. I can't wait to hear how this goes.

    1. 45er, I hope to try her out this coming Saturday.

  3. I have a link, at work of course, I can give you that will take you step by step on the proper way to 'thread' the sling and how to properly detach and use it (proper placement) on your arm..sad to say I haven't the link saved on my laptop...but if you google you'll probably find it. She's a nice looking rifle.

  4. I've always used web slings, but that said, those leather ones ARE better.

    As to the firing pin dimples on chambered rounds, that's characteristic of Garands and many other military semi-autos. Not a factor, esp. if you stick to military ammo with hard primers and don't try ot r-chamber the same round multiple times.

  5. Uh, okay. Misled. I actually thought this was a post on the usual debut. Therefore, no idea on that sling question.

    Stay safe.

  6. Here's Robert's video- and agree with Murphy, that is pretty much standard for any mil semi-autos... Enjoy!

  7. The sling keepers, the small loops, are not where they should be, but the sling itself is on the rifle correctly.