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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FedEx! Like I don't have anything else to do!

Here is the sad tale of a shipment of ammo from CMP to stately manor. Take a look at this:

I received a phone call on Sunday notifying me of the shipment and signature required. OK, I jumped online and requested a hold at FexEx location. Life is good right? Wrong! Cryptically I see the status above "unable to hold" and call them. Blah, blah, blah. They actually tell me that I can pick it up at a FedEx location about a 40 min. trip one way from here in another State! Uh, no! So I tell them to send to my wonderful neighbor. They say OK and tell me they will deliver in the afternoon today. I let my neighbor know and she says she is going to lunch today but will back by 12. Cool. NOT! 

Check the status of the package. 11 o'clock they tried to deliver today with predictable results.

I asked why they could not hold at a FedEx Office location for pickup. Here is the line... wait for it.... "Sir, this package is labeled hazardous materials and cannot be held there." OK, just because something has an ORM-D sticker on it, you will throw it on a truck and blast down the Interstate with it but won't let it sit in a locked cage in a franchise because it has a OMG  ORM-D sticker on it?  Really?!?!

Sigh... UPS routinely drops oh, 16 lbs. of powder and 10K of primers on my front porch. I know they do it because the shipper did not request a signature, but this should be simpler than this!  

On the upside maybe FedEx Delores will drop by!  


  1. If I had a nickel for every trip I've made to the Fedex building I'd be, well, I could at least buy a beer. They can be buttholes, can't they.

  2. The corporate mind is inscrutable. Just like NONE of the on-line ammo sites will ship to us here in Alaska, but ... but you can have it shipped to anyone in the Lower 48, whereupon they can MAIL it to you.

    Why won't the ammo site mail it? It's not their policy.


  3. I've had the same experience. I have had to drive an hour into Indiana to pick up M2 ball from CMP. Some FedEx storefronts will take ORMD, some won't.

  4. At least FEDEX won't steal your guns like UPS... sigh...