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Monday, March 19, 2012

If You Must Have a Plastic Bullet Hose....

I apologize for my absence here, but with a full new shooter basic pistol class and the same for Concealed Carry the past weekend I have been sorta busy, plus I am getting ready for a two day Appleseed rifle course this coming weekend.  

If you are like me, cold steel and warm wood defined any Firearm you carried back in the day. Creeping out of my curmudgeon mind state I bought as some queen of snark called it: "A nine millimeter plastic bullet hose".

I have the plastic holsters for the plastic bullet hose, but all of that went out the window when I bolted a Crimson Trace Lightguard to it. 

I contacted Michael at Michael's Custom Holsters at his website and asked if he could make a leather holster for the pistol with the add on weapon light. 

I got an E-mail almost immediately, followed with phone calls. I sent a picture of my M&P as it is a bit different than most.
Michael is a artist, he asked if I could wait until he got some thread to match the color of the pistol. That intrigued me and I did have a Kydex holster for it, so however long he wanted to take I thought so much the better. I sent the Crimson Trace Lightguard to him and there were some issues but I have to say they were handled with an "adapt and overcome" attitude by him.

I like paddle holsters for a lot of reasons and I will not bore you with why. The holster arrived today.

My initial thoughts on this holster at first blush? Wow. I cannot wait to get it broke in and the workmanship exceeds my old leather custom shop. I will not name it here, I will say it is somewhere in El Paso Texas though. 

I will let y'all know how the breaking process goes and throw up a long term review later, but IMHO, if your gun needs leather to hold it, you might want to give Michael a call. 

FTC Crap: I payed for the Holster and The CT Lightguards.


  1. You ask permission to carry by getting a license , good slave obey your masters

    1. I normally do not feed the trolls but unless you have a Blog where I can comment freely on as well you are not welcome here.

      Oh, BTW my State is an "Open Carry" state. You can do that WITHOUT the "license" you speak of.

      Good day to you and never darken my doorstep again.

  2. Michael does great work. I'm sure you'll like it

  3. Sorry "Anonymous". Got your second comment in the filter. I don't know how to say it in simpler terms than I did above.

    Oh, if you really want to discuss this subject matter it would help your position if you spell certain words correctly. For the other ones that were used put them in the proper context.

    The words here are coming from someone that has limited command of the written word that I admit by my own free will. Ponder that.

  4. I've got a rig from Michael and he and Lu are in the process of another for her Airweight. I can't say enough good things about Michael andn his work. That's a beautiful holster and you're gonna love it.
    And hey, a Troll!

    1. Thanks Six! So far so good with this holster and a Troll to boot.

  5. I finally got a chance to break away and crawl over to this end of the interwebtron. All I have to say is you people are awesome! There are a lot of choices in holster makers, but I've got the best customers. Thanks to all of you.

    1. You are welcome Sir! I don't think this will be the only one.

  6. Replies
    1. I'm impressed so far NFO! Sorry to hear about your troubles last weekend.