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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey, It's Tactical!

Uh, OK. I guess so. Much like the Zombie meme for ammo.

So I am getting ready for Appleseed in two or so weeks. The range is good to 450 yards. If I read all the stuff about this weekend correctly the first day will be rimfire and the second centerfire. 

I thought I would take a simple (to me) .22LR for the rimfire portion.

REALLY? This is a .22 "Tactical" Rimfire magazine? Prey tell what makes it so? Yes it cost enough, that is a given for tactical stuff, but it's not even black. 

So how about this:


Really CCI? They are not even black! The box is cool and all that but can't you do better? 

I am going to run all of this stuff through this:


A Colt Walther M-4 in .22LR. The rifle was cheap enough. I would much rather have that rifle sitting in the mud or dirt or whatever as opposed to my first choice for this:

A Winchester Model 9422 in .22WMR. I love this rifle and it is one of the first I shot in my youth. I would hate for it now to get beat up. Interesting how what was once a meat gun and beater becomes a safe queen. 

So for the second day centerfire shooting it appears the M-1 will not be here and I would not take it without my friends approval and once over. 

I have hit up my Curmudgeon at large. I am not a long gun person. He offers a couple of .243 Winchesters. Here is one:

Can't wait to see what the other one is! More important than that is the fact that I know he wants these rifles to sound a loud report again. He wants to know that his rifles still work and wants to know if I am up to the challenge of running them well.

I am humbled and hope I am worthy of the challenge. 


  1. Some pretty cool guns there. Love them old Winchesters!

    Good luck with the Appleseed shoot. I know you'll have fun.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience... we've had a couple of Appleseed events at our club... but I haven't been able to attend... yet...

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Dann, I did all of the online reading I can about it. I am NOT a long gun person. I will go and see what happens. I certainly will let you know how it goes.

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun. I'd like to do some long range training. I do ok, but I'm always up for learning more.

    1. 45er, I don't have any current experience with long guns. I am looking forward to it.

  4. It's gonna be so fun,

    We have no such cool gear:). We are borrowing from very nice folks and I don't think I will 2 different guns, but the folks at Appleseed, said bring what you and we will make it work, so fingers crossed.

    1. A Girl,

      You should be fine with "running what you brung". I should have some spare ammo for all three rifles so you got a backup!

  5. Shoot em good, and remember, breathe! And PRESS the trigger, don't jump on it... :-)