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Monday, March 26, 2012

AAR Report- The Appleseed Project

So I go to the RWVA home range for a Appleseed event. Here are my thoughts on this and some helpful pointers if you are going. 

First, this a volunteer hosted event. The people there are paying out of their pocket if they are traveling. The cost is minimal as opposed to many other training classes I have attended. 

The range was full, but I have to say it was a nice outdoor range and rivaled Blackwater, USTC, oh, whatever they call themselves now. Here is a pic of the 25 meter range (you know, click on a pic to enbiggen):


After a safety briefing here is the first target you shoot, a "Redcoat":

Then some history. OldNFO speaks more about this here.

Then we get to shooting these targets after a little lesson on IMC: inches, minutes, clicks:

More instruction, standing, sitting, and prone shooting positions. Oh, the M-4 was reverted to non tacticool. If you are going to one of these get a USGI web sling! 

The sling does make a difference and they will teach all of the techniques that give you a natural point of aim (NPOA) with the sling being a integral part of the rifle (and you).

Seeing the rifle front sight moving up and down in a straight line as you breathe is a goal to achieve!

During lunch, the events covering chance, time, perceptions, and a human resolve to be free that started the Revolutionary War was told. The other instructor firing rounds off outside perfectly timed to the narration was profound. 

Oh, 2008 date coded MRE lunch and coffee worked well. 

So after lunch, we start shooting these under the timer:

This in preparation for the final test. More history at the break and then this:

This was my final attempt to score Rifleman. I did a 144, nowhere close to the 210 needed. No matter. Why? Because the last target shot was another Redcoat:


After a day of instruction and bone tired, I was a better shot! 

The second day has no formal instruction.

I enjoyed this immensely and I had a duh moment. They are going to be running this about 20 minutes away from me in May instead of 2 hours away. If anyone is interested I can offer floor space for lodging for this one. I will return to get the qual. 

Hints? Take a magazine fed .22LR. Tube fed people have a hard row to hoe. Do not take a magazine that will prevent you from shooting prone. Bolt action? There are timed courses to shoot. If you are not used to going from standing to sitting or standing to prone shooting positions, I suggest you practice at home before attending! 

I will go back in May I hope here if my schedule allows. It is worth the effort. 

Oh, side note. Leaving Sunday from the hotel, I think I was the only guest in Siler City, NC. The manager came out as I was loading the rifles in the car. He asked if I was a musician, I told him no, I was a rifleman! 


  1. Wonderful!
    I'm really looking forward to going to one, but with my messed-up work schedule (the pushed the next launch back again) I'm not sure when I'll be able to make one.
    Glad you enjoyed it. EVERYBODY that I've read who went to one say it's more than just "rifle training"!

    1. drjim, it is MUCH more than rifle training. I was in awe even though I have walked the freedom trail in Boston covering Paul Revere's ride. Go!

  2. My wife read the brochures I brought home from the outdoor range my son and I go to, and she wants to go when I do.
    Not to shoot, but to participate, help, and learn the history.
    We'll probably make it a weekend thing. Get a hotel, check in Friday night, and check out Sunday morning. The ranges that have Appleseed shoots are about 60 miles from here, and I have an aversion to getting up that early just so I can drive 90 minutes.
    I'd much rather stay closer.

    1. I think she would have fun and I agree on the hotel!

  3. Dann, I fat fingered the Kindle and deleted your comment. It is here:

    Sounds like a great time... I've got a basic Ruger 10/22 anniversary model with iron (factory) sights and have been shooting it at 100 yards... teaching my daughter the finer points of trajectory, windage, drop, etc... It's fun just to see what groups you can get with that little cartridge at 300 feet...

    I hope to do an Appleseed sometime...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Sounds great. I didn't go to one a couple of years back that was close by and regret that. You've got me looking up dates and I've found one close by later in the year. I think I'm going to do this.

  5. Glad you experienced it, and yes, DO go get the Rifleman... I've got that on my list as soon as I get my back/neck fixed... :-)

    1. Don't wait to get things fixed, go. I had a man shoot rifleman this weekend offhand, supporting himself for prone. His neck underwent fusion. Appleseeders adapt.

    2. Don't wait, go. Appleseed instructors, I am one, will adapt. Man shot rifleman a shoot last week, offhand with fused neck vertebrae. I was there. Best to contact the shoot boss on state coordinator before the shoot so we know we need to adapt.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. CaptMac, Welcome! I will go back in May if I do not have a Firearm Instruction conflict myself.

  6. Mark of a Freeman, Knitebane and I stayed in Siler City at the Country Hearth Inn. We picked Siler City because we used to know the area pretty well.

    As for the instructors, they kept commenting on how great it was that WE showed up for a weekend but the kudos really do need to go to them. They all have families and lives but they give up a lot to be there to teach. I have a ton of respect for them, what they do, and the quality of the instruction.

    1. Nice shooting with y'all! I agree. The instructors were fantastic.

  7. Sounds great!! I was able to transfer my tickets from the NC event to the one by my house at the end of April. Very excited!!

  8. Sounds great and looks like a nice range!

  9. Thanks for the writeup! The photos bring back memories of when I attended an Appleseed there. I did not get my rifleman patch that day, but I'm still working on it!

  10. Nice write-up. One way to keep from having to drive a long distance to an Appleseed Shoot, is to get one set up at your home range!!! Problem solved! ;) Patriot Gal