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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My home town is giving me the sads.

Back in the day you could go to Whitaker Park and get a tour of a cigarette manufacturing plant. You could at the end of the tour get a free pack of smokes, bumper sticker, and a pen.

In fact, if you were a newbie employee, RJR handed you one of these maps to get around (click to enlarge).

That WAS downtown Winston-Salem. 

Then if you were really hard up, you could go to the south end of town, get a tour of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company plant and grab a beer in the "brown bottle" room at the end of the tour.  

Now? Is this what has become of my home town? All you can do about an indoor range is to complain about the billboards? Really? It is a nice range and I am a member only because the backstop can handle rifle calibers. My home range cannot. 

They do good work there. Sad that the message of safe gun handling and training was summarily ignored for this made up controversy. 

Sigh.... Perhaps you can't go home again.


  1. This notion 'progressives' have that they can control all public speech is beyond tiring. They need to put a cork in it and start tolerating -- which is the first step along the path to coexisting.

  2. Sad. Welcome to the new normal.

  3. My best buddy in the Navy was from Winston-Salem; he hasn't lived there in decades, and I don't blame him.*

    *I hate being old enough to use "decades" instead of "years".

    1. I have not lived there in decades either and I commiserate on on the terminology!

  4. Like one of my friends always says:"These people would b1tch if you hung 'em with a new rope!".

  5. Liberals - the most non-liberal group of people around.

  6. See, this is what happens when people conceal carry brains out in public areas without any brain safety training, brain permits, or brain-locks...

    Dann in Ohio