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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bersa Thunder Help?

The Bersa Thunder .380 has become a weak low pressure front. Why? The disconnect/drawbar spring broke. Get a new one all day long for a buck fifty. That is not the problem. The spring is staked into the pistol. The broken remains look like this:

You can see where it was staked into the pistol.
So how to I remove the remnants of the old one and get the new one to keep from wandering around? 

New one looks like this. 


See that hook on the right side? That goes into the lower preventing me from trying to simply pull whats left out. 



  1. gently roll the stakes back with a chisel or small screwdriver. Then roll 'em up after you get the old spring out....roll 'em down again with a punch after you put the new spring in place.

    Patience is yer friend.

    It won't be pretty.

    You could cut the end off and pull the remains out, but then you still have to roll the staking up.

  2. Staking looks to be gnarly.

  3. Could you drive a chisel straight down into the spring where the staking is... with a tip width about the same as the slot the spring wire lays in... that would push/spread the staking and putting most of the chisel point damage into the piece of the old spring?

    You'll likely have to re-stake it in a new area anyway...

    Other thought is to take small Dremel cutting wheel and cut down into the old spring piece in-line with the slot similar to cutting a new slot in a slotted screw head... again requiring staking the new spring in place in a new area of metal along the slot...

    Slow and easy and careful either way...

    Or you could chat with someone much smarter than me...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. You've gotten outside of my very limited expertise here, but I do know my wife sold hers in favor of her CZ-82 when the Bersa was proving unreliable on feeding.

  5. I can't help, of course, but our Bersa is a mess, we have no skills, so I just sentmitmin to Bersa to get fixed. Hopefully It will come back and be ready to work.

  6. This is why a broken gun would go to someone like you to repair. My approach would be to go find Dad's hand sledge...

  7. I got the old one out, thanks for the wisdom everyone!

    It remains to be seen if I get the new one in! I will let you know.