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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Colt 32-20!

Thanks to all that stopped by today. Many have wanted a bit more about the little Colt. Ok. (Click to enlarge pics!)

.32-20 WCF (Winchester Center Fire)

Brigid speaks of weapons of beauty and character. There are safe queens here. Never shot, pristine, "NIB". They have a place of course. I will speak more about this later, and not only about guns.  

Here is one:


Here is the Colt Historian Letter for the Police Positive:

So I have been at the gun thing for a time, the Blog is new to me. The thing that gets me about the weapons of character vs. safe queens is this. How did this Revolver get here? Was it ever fired in anger? Put small game on the table? What stories does it have? Sadly it cannot talk. 

Thanks again for all that stopped by today! 


  1. That little guy has history in spades. I sure wish it could talk. I'm in the process of writing what I can remember about the guns I have and what I know about the ones I have inherited from my grandfather. I'm sure my kids will enjoy having the history behind some of the guns they will eventually own.

  2. 45er- You are doing a great job of keeping the legacy going!

    NFO- True that!