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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Retro Sunday- The Colt Woodsman

Some have watched my attempts to improve the quality of the photos on my humble Blog. I have a friend that I consider a talented photographer, yet he is some distance away and busier than I am.

The fellow Blogger North suggested a camera. I went to Best Buy and got it today. I am also reminded why I do not go to Best Buy. I prefer "One Click" shopping. I stand around for 15 minutes at the cameras. I go to customer service to ask for help in the camera department. Repeat standing around. Someone finally comes up. I point to the Canon I want ( PowerShot SX 130 IS). He disappears to check stock. I have already done that before I came. No I do not want a case, no I do not need a SD card, no I do not need the Best Buy credit card with "double points" or whatever, no I do not need the protection plan on a 200 dollar camera.

So here is the first picture taken in "AUTO" (click to embiggen):


This is a Colt Woodsman .22LR in case you have not figured that out by now! Looks to be a 1957 model. I have not gotten the letter from the Colt Historian yet, but it is forthcoming!

I have not loaded the CD with the manual for the camera yet. Let me know what you think!


  1. Muuuuuch better. Some would be critical of the busy background, but I like it.

    I never bother loading the CDs. I just transfer the pics via cable. Enjoy that camera!

  2. VERY nice :-) and the picture is nice too! LOL

  3. NFO - LOL! My friend is very talented! Vietnam era veteran on one of those "hide with pride" things from the Navy too!

  4. I like the picture too. Very nice.

  5. @ North- Thanks for the advise, good little camera!

    @ Supi- Thanks!

    @ Tam- I have another one around for later posting.

  6. Lighting is always the hard part, especially with highly reflective surfaces that can pick up surrounding colors and even the image of the photographer. But that's one sweet Woodsman!

  7. @ DirtCrashr, Thanks! I love this little Woodsman!