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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photos Part Two...

So after some feedback today I decided to upgrade from this camera:

To this one:

So I tried again for the Woodsman picture. Got this:

North, a fellow blogger did some post production editing from last night and produced this:

So although I really do not need another hobby, here it comes!


  1. Ooooh the T50! Now with button!

  2. LOL... Keads you're gonna need ANOTHER part time job to pay for the new hobby...

    p.s. Cameras get expensive QUICK!!! :-)

  3. @ North, LOL! The button is a BIG improvement!

    @ NFO - I think I will farm out the serious work from here on out the the photography!

  4. My new camera has a mode that you can turn on when taking self portraits. Use to be that you set up the camera with a 10-second timer, then go join the wife and 2 1/2 kids waiting for the time to time out. My camera detects that a new face has appeared and takes the picture.

    My son was pretty amused using a camera that has face detection. A little graphic box appears on-screen when a face is detected. So he aims the camera at a portrait. Box appears. Aim at an autobiography - box appears. Then he used a Sharpie to draw a face on the bottom of his foot. Aims camera. Box appears...