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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think...

That I know more about nuclear power than any of the bleached, peroxided, saline/siliconed, tailored suits clamoring about imminent death. Until they can say they were here in this time and space with hardworking talented people that did exhausting and demanding work I will discount the blathering:

I looked rapidly tonight for a picture of rough men that did this work along with me standing in front of the secondary containment structure. I did not find it. I need to find that picture. 

On the other hand if you really want to make the hippies cry break out this jacket:

Huge irony here huh? I love it! 


  1. Been there done that. Got the T-shirt.

    It's too bad the first use of atomic power was to bomb the living crap out of Japan. I do understand why they did it, but I think the rhetoric and scare-mongering might have been a bit less. Maybe not. Americans do love to be scared by a non-existent crisis.

  2. brother on a nuclear sub, I've learned just a little, he won't talk of much. Love the jacket!

  3. @ NFO- Thanks!

    @ sbrenneis- I agree.

    @ DirtCrashr- Oh I do!

    @ Brigid- I have a friend that was too. They don't either. They commented on this post too!