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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Retro Sunday.......

I actually had a young lady as a first time shooter sorta melt down, start crying and generally freaked out on me on the line today. I checked the NRA RSO manual and there is not a range command for this situation. Luckily for me there was an experienced female shooter that happens to be great in these matters around to help.

Tomorrow I need to help out once again at the range. Ken is still out, but Paul's father in FLA (who is 95) is not doing good. Once again, prayers for the family are requested. We all share a passion for the safe handling of firearms and train new shooters properly. Any time a legal firearm owner does something stupid, it diminishes all of us. That is the underlying reason for the passion we all have.   

So for tomorrow the duty uniform is this:

Retro Sunday will return!

Stay safe!


  1. I bet you thought another young lady would have had that melt down..She thought she was too! arent you glad she didnt? Prayers going up for everyone! Have A Good Week!

  2. The week is over. Prayers for both families. Prayers for you too on having a better week.