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Thursday, August 19, 2010


On my way home tonight, the faithful daily driver started to "stutter" at speed, idle rough and generally let me know that even after the A/C love it deemed itself not happy.

Before car manufacturers all went to the On Board Diagnostics-II (ODB-II) drive train management system, it was pretty much "roll your own" between the manufactures. My little beater has the Ford Electronic Engine Control - 4 computer. A less sophisticated system to be sure the car has a traditional distributor, so this little gizmo mainly keeps up with air/fuel stuff. Everyone that has an "EEC4" however will have this experience: "EEEKKKKK" oh no, please get me home! I will fix it I promise! Please get me home! She did and the only time she did not it was because there was a new Honda Civic hood ornament attached at speed to the front. Not her fault!

I came home to two really large limbs broken off from my huge oak out front. So far this has been one of these weeks!

And for now back to this:

 I think I have lost a cylinder. Could be a lot of things!

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