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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Night Overload!

OK, so my best shooting buddy and I go run a couple hundred rounds today. Good day!

I'll take that with black iron sights at 7 yards with a Colt .45 any day!

But now here on a Saturday night, here is what's going on:

All of this happiness arrived today while I was gone. The Mustang has a total spring rebuild kit and recoil spring guide rod from Wolfe and Colt sent some stuff for other tools. So if I open the Ziploc baggies can I get a nose hit from Blue Dome air in the holiest of gun places? Nice touch for the cards in each baggie, I guess that is why this stuff costs!

But on the other hand, I have laundry running:

Full review coming, but it seems to work well! Cleaning .45 brass here.

These need attention after today's activity:

The 8 round magazines arrived today. Further preparation for the zombie bowling pins. Silly me! 8 rounds in two magazines please! They need to be cleaned and dry lubed.

I have more people coming tomorrow to go to the range however. I may just chuck a DVD in the player and call it a night! Or not!!!


  1. Impressive shooting!! Was this yours or your dads? So the 8 round magazine is an auto. right? And that's what your using for the pins shoot?

  2. No, my Father was not there. The 8 round magazine is a semi-automatic, correct! That is what I use for the pins. It does not matter what you use, just go have fun! Trying to get my young man to compete with his 6 shot single action revolver!

  3. I'm betting a 22 wouldnt knock down the pins! Unless you was dead on it! And from looking at your scores today I'm proud of my teacher !

  4. @stopsign- They will move the pins back on the table to compensate for the .22.