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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EPA Considers Banning Lead Ammo!

From fellow Blogger Snowflakes in Hell comes this link.

I urge anyone that is in any facet of shooting activities be it collecting, hunting, competitive shooting, etc. to hit that link to get the info you need to comment to the EPA for the public comment process, the head of the EPA and your elected officials. Surprised the NRA-ILA has not picked up on this, but they have a tool to find your representatives and handy links to tell them what you think! Link to that tool is here.

As many have noted we must be vigilant and never give up the fight. This would have a profound affect on the shooting sports as we know it.


  1. Remember the song.. One way or another, they are going to get you....


  2. @Supi- Yes, but I don't think the woman singing the song is the one I need to be worried about!