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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well some days are like this.....

My faithful daily driver car (1994 Mustang) got me home from work and threw up coolant in the driveway. Sigh.... Looks like the water pump! But, the water pump lasted for ten years and the car got me home, so it could have been worse. The car has been through a lot, a Honda committed suicide by blowing a stop sign in front of me and I of course T-boned the little coffee can mufflered thing into the junkyard, and yet my ride is still among the rolling. I guess I shouldn't be too bent!


  1. Did you get your car fixed? at least you made it home

  2. Yes I did. And yes I made it home. In over 30 years of driving Mustangs I have never had to walk, but you must pay attention to them!