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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Solution....

In search of a problem. On the weekends I like to take the time to shave using "old school" tools like this:

It works, and works well.

But during the week it's a bit more modern:

The new stuff seems to be getting out of hand. How many blades do you need to scrape the stubble off of your face? The commercials are especially funny in light of the old tech I use. "The first blade scares the hair, the second makes it stand up, the third actually cuts it off, and the fourth is there just in case. The lubricating strip insures that an attractive female will want to rub your face." Or something like that. They have added so many blades on some models they had to put one on the back so you can accurately trim at the sideburns!  Don't even get me started on the battery powered vibrating ones.

While I admire the marketing model of King Camp Gillette, I wonder how much further it can go. And while I am at it, here is the obligatory "GET OFF MY LAWN".  I might get a strop and straight razor next.


  1. I've been using a straight razor and strop for many years. You can also get replaceable blade straight razors.

    You'd best be alert when you do.

  2. Sounds like your not interested in using a straight razor. am i right?

  3. I would like to try one, but it must be a Case!

  4. Hey Kelly a guy I dated trusted me to shave him one time with one...So if u need to learn I'll teach you lol (a funny story behind it)