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Thursday, March 11, 2010


is my bullet...There are many like it (wait, it's a .380 there aren't) but this one is mine. This is the first bullet I made. I have shot for many years and bullets in the past were something you just buy. Well the days of 8 bucks for a box of .45ACP is long gone. The continuing shortage of .380 ammo was the tipping point. And the pistol manufacturers continue to crank out .380 models! S&W just announced one at the SHOT show.

I think I will enjoy this part of the shooting sports just as much as shooting!


  1. Reloading is indeed fun, as well as being the single geekiest firearms-related activity there is. :)

  2. 2Tam, lots to learn for sure! I am a card carrying geek anyway, so why not go hole hog!