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Friday, March 5, 2010

Treehugging 101

OK, my power coop here in suburbia has sent me 4 compact florescent lights. Wheeeee! I'm going green! NOT!!! CFL's look stupid in a decorative fixture and you cannot dim them (I look better in low lighting.) The majority of my most used fixtures (kitchen, hallway, garage, office) are already florescent. CFL's also have a small problem called mercury. Even State controlled media outlet NPR reports on the problem here Reminds me of the OMG!!!! Stop using paper grocery bags and go plastic! Save the environment! Save the trees! Uh.... Trees are a renewable resource! Now I am supposed to bring my own bag?!?!? I love the irony that the actual printed newspaper here touts all of the treehugging crap except the most obvious and wasteful one: stop printing and delivering the paper! LOL!

Anyway in honour of my "free" lights tonight I am going home, cut on every light in the house, all the tv's, cut the stereo to "11" and idle all three cars for 30 minutes or so or until the throbbing in my head goes away! Oh and two of the cars are so old there are no emission controls on them Yey!


  1. Kelly, are you still feeling the same way about these lights?? I use them...Hope u don't mind reading some of your old blogs tonight..

  2. @stopsign- I don't have a problem with them except how they are supposedly "green" but have a heavy metal in them, mercury. Break one and you have a problem. You can't throw them away to get stuck in the landfill like incandescent bulbs. You are supposed to take them somewhere for recycling.

    Sort of like "electric cars". You recharge an electric car from a nuclear, natural gas or coal fired power plant.