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Monday, February 9, 2015


So someone I don't know emails me asking about this radio. 

Wow. I contact her and she tells me the story. A Lady going to a nursing home and possessions to be sold. This is one of the cleanest chassis for a 1948 radio I have seen. As the obscure FM band would denote, "FM radio was assigned the 42 to 50 MHz band of the spectrum in 1940." 

A nine tube radio/phonograph console. 

Back in the day, this WAS the home media center. 

She found me here. I asked. I hope she enjoys the working radio now used as a TV stand and I wish I could save them all, but room is limited here. 

I am stunned. First that anyone would think I'm an expert on anything. Second, she reached out to me for advice. 

Take care of that radio and enjoy many years of entertainment my new friend! You need any help let me know.



  1. I don't know why the AGC fuse was added, but modifications were made on almost all of these. Some better, some worse.

  2. Ahhh... the warm glow of classic sound...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. Thanks for helping her out! And one more saved is one more for the next generation to enjoy!

  4. You'd be surprised how many old radios have found their way home to the range.