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Friday, February 27, 2015

Thank You Sir!

Best possible speed to Leonard Nimoy on his final journey. Here is this old post.


  1. He's dead, Jim. :(

    All we need are some bagpipes playing " Amazing Grace".

  2. He was an Army veteran, gentleman, and a philanthropist of sorts among the other things that could be said of him.

    I was 11 yrs old when Star Trek was on the air in '66, and I watched a few of the original episodes at first airing. He always struck me as the most memorable person in the cast, and the last 50 years have not changed that.

  3. Scotty and Bones were my favorites, but Spock was iconic and I delighted in seeing him in the recent reboots of the series. The original Star Trek didn't last long, but had a profound influence on our dreams. I still have the plans for the original Enterprise on my bookshelf and still marvel as doors automatically open before me.