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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ha! Speed Dating FoMoCo Style

From a friend on the book of face comes this video. Well played FoMoCo! "I play base guitar, I'm a ninja." Ha! She is a stunt driver. I'm not smoking the Pirelli P Zeros for anybody. Well for her I would. I think she could teach me things =) She is always watching where the car is going to go yet banters with the guys.


  1. Back in my younger daze, the first thing I would have said after they told me it was Speed Dating would have been......CAN I DRIVE IT?!?

  2. I would say that she is more manly than any of those "men"..........

    1. I concur. Pretty metro sexual guys it seems. "So what else do you look for in a girl" calmly said as she grabs another gear is my favorite.

    2. That just rocked. With 25 years less age and some Ginseng, I'd be pursuing her big time.
      They are hipsters. Don't even own a pair of pliers.
      A true metrosexual you would swear is gay until you meet his wife and kids. Lots of them in San Fransicko

  3. I could marry that one...but she has to put the car half in my name.