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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Promises Made

And after two plus decades promises kept. I found a little car as I was known for then. This one is special. For many reasons it is so but foremost was the fact it was one of the first.

My Father bought it. We went through the mechanical restoration. Then it got weird. Under a settlement with attorneys to this day I cannot say anything bad about the body shop that viewed this car in that shop as an asset during the paint and body work as he tried to sell his busness. I trusted this person as the two other cars here were done there. That did not happen this time. The only thing I can legally say here is to stay away from any "restoration shop" within 20 miles of Walnut Cove, NC. Sloppy work. They had it for over a year. That killed the mechanical restoration. 

Now, my Mother was always told this was her car. She wants to drive it now. That means much to me as I only remember in my youth riding in a Mustang. The 1971 that was her's is here with me now. The 1967 I remember as well.

Yes, I have been told many times that it is best not to fall in love with a car. They are things to be bought and sold at the end of the day. That is true, but I nor my Father will deny her this. It is a fun, easy car to drive. 

This tag will be on the back of it soon. 

I have waited a long time for this.