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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Have A Problem....

Not that bad though. This weekend is this. I know Friday at work I will see the small GA aircraft running the pattern for the show. I will hear the sound of the radial engines as they arrive at the airport. I live really close to where this is going on. I can see the aircraft from my front porch as they perform during the show. The sound of these old aircraft now are an old friend to me that announce the fall of the year. 

I have a Husband and Wife however that want to take a private basic pistol class Saturday. They will be spending money and time. A baby sitter is also involved. They want to get up to speed for a NC CCH Permit. 

I cannot deny them. I will be with them on Saturday. Perhaps I can get to the show on Sunday. 

I love what I do. I like to think it makes a difference in some small way. Small sacrifice to make on my part.   


  1. Doing the right thing, as always... That is why airshows are always TWO days... :-)

    1. Thanks NFO. I will try to get to the Airshow Sunday. Cuts into my range time though =)

  2. Your a great guy Keads! Hopefully you can see the airshow sun. :-)