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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow death!

Sigh.... Yeah I know we don't get the snow that some do here, but it makes for fine drama llamas. Hey! Do you really need to put a run on the grocery store when the highs here will be in the mid forty's by Thursday? This will be gone by then. I promise. 

The only thing that does suck is that I have a revolver and a new TV supposed to be delivered the end of the week. 

Hey. If it gets that bad I have barter and food. Sorta. 



  1. MRE'S.........I always got the chicken ala king. I was cursed.

  2. Sounds like you're well-situated. Good on ya!

  3. sounds like what you need more is an earth f***ing 4x4 truck so you can tow the brown delivery van of joy to your curb.
    After that he's on his own. Or, you can be hospitable and serve up some MREs while you both watch the new TV.

  4. Yeah, you'll have to PAY people to take those... :-)