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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pffft! Here is how you do snow in NC!

This is in the State Capitol:

Less dramatically here is the driveway at stately manor. Yeah I could shovel it or wait for a capitalist with a tractor with a blade to clear it, but meh, just fire up the 1994 Mustang and have at!


As with so many other things in my life not esthetically appealing but effective. Traction control consisted of clutch and accelerator!

So we shall see how bad all of this freezes over tonight.


  1. Well done. I consider simply driving over the damn stuff as one of the important outward signs of a strict libertarian mindset. :)

  2. DAmn.. we got 8-10 inches and nothing like that happened ;)

    1. Well YMMV, check local store for details =) Me, just wait a day or two. It will be ok.

  3. Yep, traction control works! :-) and when that ices over, standby!!! :-)